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Build an effective E-Commerce Website like Real World Center.

Entrepreneurship is a dream of many people, and it is a difficult task. In order to flourish the business, you will need a powerful website. Building an e-commerce website will help you to sell your products online and improve your business. For that, you might need the assistance of a good e-commerce website designing company in Calicut. Noviindus Technologies is the best e-commerce website company in Calicut that has made its mark in the Industry. We have a long list of efficient and functional e-commerce websites in our courtesy. The Real-world Center is the major one on that list.


The project scenario of Real World Center

The Real World Center is the best online shopping website in Qatar. The client wanted a responsive website that can enhance their business. They approached us with the trust that we will deliver them more than what they expected. Since we are the best e-commerce website company in Calicut, this was a project to maintain our dignity. Our experienced developers created a proper workflow of the project and stick to it. The clients have provided us with the details of the elements that should be included in the website and we made sure to add those functionalities to the website.

Some of the functionalities added to the website are:

  • A search bar to browse the items
  • A contact form for customers to send their reviews
  • A shopping cart for the customers to add items
  • Wish list Functionality
  • Payment Gateway


Why you should build an e-commerce website

Running a storefront is a hectic task. It needs paying for so many things like

  • Rent for the building and space
  • Paychecks of the staff
  • Building maintenance cost
  • Interior Decoration cost
  • Proper licensing
  • Utility bills

These payments add up to a lot of expenses. But think about selling products on a website, you can avoid these unwanted costs. You will only have to pay for things like web-hosting and marketing. Even if you have to hire some staff for your e-commerce store, the expenses will be still manageable.


Developer’s Words

Neeraj M – Web Developer

Since the Real World Center is an e-commerce website, there was a chance for the web development process to be quite time-consuming. To avoid that problem, we chose the Bootstrap 4 framework to develop the front end of the Real World Center’s website. Bootstrap 4 is the newest version of Bootstrap, which is the best HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework. This framework will help you design the websites in a faster and easier way. HTML 5 is the language used to develop the front end of the website with CSS as the styling language and Javascript as the scripting language. The backend of the website is designed in Codelgniter 3.6 framework using PHP as the scripting language.



Want to build an e-commerce website?

Then we are here to help

Noviindus : The best e-commerce website development company in Calicut

An e-commerce website allows a business to function smoothly online. Having an e-commerce website for your business will help you better understand your customers. Firstly, it gives good exposure to your business and helps you to reach out to potential customers. Secondly, it will influence the purchases. If you are looking for a good e-commerce website development company in Calicut, then have a look at us. As we are the best e-commerce website development Company in Calicut, you can get the best results by partnering with us. We’ll build you a functional and responsive website.


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