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The Best Web Application to Boost Workplace Productivity

Productivity is crucial for any business, because delivering more goods and services to customers converts to higher profits. An organization can easily turn its resources into revenues if the productivity increases. It will help them in paying partners and maintaining cash flows for future growth. Using a good web application will help the company to track the productivity of their employees. If you are in search of finding the best web application to boost the productivity of employees then Noviindus Technologies is here to help you. We are the best web application development company in Calicut. With our expertise we’ve built an effective web application named CRM that has boosted the company’s workplace productivity.


Why we developed CRM?

Working smarter is better than working harder. Building a best web application for your office is a good choice for improving productivity. We understand the issues faced by the companies in monitoring their productivity. That’s the reason why we developed CRM. It helps the company to be inventory, keep track of office events, plan meetings, and facilitate the teams’ workflow. Since we are the best web application development company in Calicut, CRM is the best you could ask for.


The structure and functionalities of CRM 

As an exceptional web application designing company in Calicut, we have developed CRM by including proper structure and functionalities. CRM has many sections that cater the company’s specific needs. It can be classified into:

*Super Admin section – This is the section for the management of the company.

*Sales Section – The employees in the sales and marketing team can add, edit, record and delete all the client calls they have done. They can easily view the details of the clients assigned to them by the super admin and can add its response. They can filter their target, the sales done, the number of calls done in a month in the dashboard provided.

*Project Section – All the projects boarded in the company are added into this section.

*Dealers Section –The sales team can add clients into this section. These clients will be directed to the super admin section. In this section there is an option for the sales team to add the updates/responses of the clients after contacting them. The clients can also view this section.

*Employees Section – The employees can add their daily projects, time taken to complete the projects, status of the projects in this section.

*HR Section – The HR of the company can access this section, monitor the productivity of the employees and workflow.


Developer’s Words

CRM is a web application developed in Python language. The framework used for the development is Django. Django is a high-powered Python web framework motivates quick development and clean, practical design. It took much time to build such a huge web application like CRM. To make it user friendly, we have divided the web application into different sections such as Super Admin section, Sales Section, Project Section, Dealers Section, Employees Section, HR Section. In my opinion CRM will be a good pick for boosting the productivity of your company.

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