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Best web designers in Calicut region

Web development is one of the first services of our company, doing it ever since we started. With our experience nearing a decade, we have earned the fame of being one of the best website designers in Calicut. We have built hundreds of web Apps for our clients including usual websites, eCommerce sites, educational sites, and portals. Our clients have always got what they need from the – business leads and revenue.

Whether you are looking for a website with complex functionalities or just a simple one to showcase your brand, we can do it for you in the best way. We have developed exceptional sites for our clients that are responsive, easy-to-browse, and assures performance, security, stability, and scalability.


Intuitive web designs to attract your customers
to visit and stay long in your websites

Our team has people who can do everything at their best every time. They can help you convert your business idea and needs digitally to a viable solution that acts as your online presence, increases your brand value, and works round-the-clock to grow your business. The websites they make are of absolute market relevance and will help you get noticed more than your competitors by customers.
Noviindus is the best wingman you can have to enter into and survive in the digitally powered market world. We can guide you to make the best out of technology to move your business forward. Our strategists, developers, and designers work side-by-side with our clients to develop brilliant online solutions that are customer-centric, user-friendly, and profit-making.

Noviindus has the best website designers in Calicut who can cater to our client’s needs adapt to the shift of internet usage to smart devices. We make their web applications responsive enough to be extremely mobile-friendly. Right from the development, we keep in mind that the majority of the targeted users are expected to access through smartphones. Hence, we strive to ensure the required quality, scalability, and functionality for small screens.

If you are a business owner, your website is one of the tools that bring in business in today’s digitally networked society. A user accessing your website will only stay in it for an average of 10-20 seconds before deciding its quality. If you can get them engaged in the site within this period, you can successfully make them stay longer. The website that can efficiently do so is called good websites. Building such user-engaging sites involve many carefully considered factors like Visual Design, Accessibility to information, Content, degree of viability of the user interface, etc. At Noviindus, we create websites that are engaging, user-friendly and responsive & adaptable to all screen sizes.

WordPress Development

The team at Noviindus Technologies are able to create a simple brochure website or an e-commerce solution with an integrated form by using WordPress. Regardless of whether you are looking for something remarkable, they can create a customized solution, designed specifically to suit your project needs. Being a complete and all-inclusive website, WordPress is able to do its job finely.

Static Web Design

Static sites are the most essential sort of site and are the simplest to make. In contrast to dynamic sites, they don't need any Web programming or database design. At Noviindus Technologies we give you the best static website with a hint of premiumness with the best price for you.

Dynamic Web Design

Dynamic site is designed with functionality, instead of only for the reasons for showing data. dynamic page is constructed utilizing both client side and server side dialects like ASP, PHP and JavaScript. Dynamic sites have features including content management systems, e-commerce systems, and dynamic publishing capabilities. At Noviindus we provide the best deals for dynamic websites.

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