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Global Flutter App Development Company in India– Creating Cross-Platform Excellence!

Noviindus is a leading Flutter app development company based in Calicut, Kerala, India, providing services worldwide. Flutter, a versatile open-source framework by Google, empowers developers to build, test, and deploy exceptional cross-platform applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices – all from a single codebase.

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Why Flutter is
a Better Choice ?


One App, Many Platforms

A One­-stop Solution. It lets us create your app just once, for both iPhone and Android users. It’s effective! We save resources as there’s no need for distinct versions.


Fast and Smooth

Your app will be quick and responsive. Flutter’s design ensures that your app performs without a hitch, even if it has complex features.


Instant Changes

With Flutter, we can swiftly view modifications made to our app. This spee­ds up the development process, allowing us to make improvements quickly.


Support for Future Devices

Planning for the future? Like connecting your app with smart TVs or other handy devices? Flutter simplifies this! No need for extra work!

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“Thanks to Noviindus’ 100% result-oriented branding and promotion strategy that we could reach out to a lot more clients.”
Mr Irshad

Founder & Ceo - Shobhika Weddings

“Noviindus developed the E-commerce site and mobile app to sell our store’s products and we are fully satisfied with their service.”
Ana Alsharari

CEO and Co-Owner at Perle Exquise South Sea Pearls.

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Why we are the Best Flutter App Development Company In Kerala ?

Noviindus is one of the leading Flutter App Development Company in Calicut. Flutter is one of the far-ranging open-source frameworks offered by Google for developing next-gen applications. And Flutter aids to build, test and deploy exceptional mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase. For developing top-quality Flutter apps in a record time, we are the right choice. By providing efficient and customized Flutter Apps to our clients, we have transformed into the best Flutter App Development Company in Kerala that ensures 100% client satisfaction in terms of quality. and Since Flutter is powered by Dart, a language developed for fast apps .it is a preferred technology for building top-notch apps within a minimum amount of time. So This app development process can provide an improved app experience to users.

We are the fastest growing Flutter App Development Company in India

Being a renowned Flutter App Development Company in Kerala ,So We have built a skillful team of Flutter developers that can develop amazing, user-friendly apps. And Over the past years, our team has designed, developed, and delivered soul-stirring flutter apps. Also, We motivate our team to get deep into this technology to craft high-powered apps with good performance and exceptional UI. And Since Flutter is powered by Dart, a language developed for fast apps, it is a preferred technology for building top-notch apps within a minimum amount of time. Also, This app development process can provide an improved app experience to users.

We are one of the best Matrimony Application Development Company in India.Educational App Development Company|Flutter App Development Company In India

Want to develop a next-gen flutter app for your business

If you are in search to find a reliable Flutter app development company to build a functional feature-rich flutter app for your business, then you are at the right place. And We have been in this process of developing flutter apps since 2013 and have been praised as the best flutter app development company in Calicut. We make sure to deliver all the projects with 100% perfection. Using state-of-the-art technologies, all our Flutter apps are powered to perform with utmost efficiency and accuracy across vivid platforms. We are a leading service provider for excellent Flutter app development. Thus, clients prefer us for building high-end apps that are futuristic and have the potential to grow their business. Delivering the projects within the required time is our motto. Our experienced team will make sure to include all the functions that need to be included in the app.

We are the Best & Established Flutter App Development Company In Calicut

Our Flutter apps can transform your business into a profitable one. Using agile methodologies for our development process. we pick out the project needs and develop them throughout the process providing the combined effort of our expert cross-functional teams and our customers. So We understand the needs and demands of our customers and try to include all functionalities that they expect in their Flutter apps in a cost-effective way. In order to assure the performance of our apps, we guarantee continued support and maintenance services for our Flutter apps even after their deployment. Also, The quality of service we deliver makes us the most trusted Flutter App Development Company in Calicut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Flutter over other platforms ?

Picking a development platform is a big choice. Here’s why you may favor Flutter over the re­st:

One Script, Many Platforms: With Flutter, one bit of code­ works for both iOS and Android. This cuts down time and guarantees the same working across all gadgets.

Fast Deve­lopment with Hot Reload: Flutter’s hot re­load lets you make code change­s in real-time. This spee­ds up the development process. You can see the effects of your changes on the spot, without restarting the app.

Dynamic and Adaptable UI: Flutte­r offers a wide range of adjustable­ widgets. These allow for the creation of dynamic and appealing user inte­rfaces. Intricate designs and animations? No proble­m. With Flutter, you can give your app a uniquely stylish look.

Top-Notch Pe­rformance: Flutter turns into native ARM code­, leading to top-performance apps that start quickly. It’s an efficient solution, particularly handy for apps that need a lot of resources.


Versatility with Additional Platforms: In addition to iOS and Android, Flutter supports other platforms such as web, desktop, and embedded systems. This versatility allows you to extend your app’s reach to various devices without major code modifications.

Active and Supportive Community: Flutter has a growing and engaged developer community. This means there are abundant resources, libraries, and plugins available. A supportive community can be beneficial for problem-solving and staying updated on best practices.

Google’s Backing and Long-Term Support: Flutter is backed by Google, which ensures continuous updates, improvements, and long-term support. Google’s involvement adds credibility to the framework and enhances its reliability.

Simplified Learning Curve with Dart: Flutter uses Dart as its programming language, which is known for its simplicity and productivity. Dart is easy to learn, making it accessible for developers who may be new to the technology.

Open Source for Collaboration: Being open-source, Flutter encourages collaboration and contributions from the developer community. It allows transparency and flexibility, giving developers the ability to modify and improve the framework as needed.

Consistent UI Across Versions: Flutter ensures a consistent UI across different OS versions, reducing the likelihood of design discrepancies and enhancing the user experience.

In summary, Flutter is a compelling choice due to its efficiency, flexibility, and ability to deliver a high-quality user experience across multiple platforms with a single codebase.

Can I move my current app to Flutter?

Absolutely! Moving your old app to Flutter is a good choice because there are many reasons for it. Flutter is made to be flexible, which makes the change pretty easy. Here’s how the process generally works:

Assessment: Our team will check your current app to see how it’s built, what features and actions it can do. This action aids us in planning the move properly.

Identifying Core Features: We’ll find the main parts of your app that need to be moved first. This keeps the user experience smooth during the change.

Gradual Migration: Flutter lets you move to a new system slowly and step by step. You can begin by adding Flutter screens or parts to your current app. The rest of the technology will stay the same while you do this. This step-by-step method reduces disturbances and allows complete testing at each level.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Strict testing is an important part of the move process. We’ll fully check the connected Flutter parts in your app to make sure they work well with what you have now. This move ensures a problem-free and easy user experience.

Complete Migration: When all parts of Flutter are tested and given the okay, we can slowly move more features to it until your whole app is running on Flutter. This step makes sure the code is all same and easy to understand.

Optimization: Once we move everything over, we will improve the Flutter code to make it work better and use all of what Flutter has to offer.

App Store Submission: After checking and making the Flutter-based app better, we will help you send it to the right places where people get apps.

Switching to Flutter not only gives you one set of code for both iPhone and Android but also opens up the good things that come with a big growing group. If you’re thinking about moving your app to Flutter, our team with lots of experience will help you. We make sure the change is easy and successful.

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May 5, 2023

Amala Matrimony

Amala Matrimony is an innovative matrimonial app developed by Noviindus Technologies that makes meeting potential life partners simple and stress-free. Amala Matrimony streamlines the challenging process...
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    Online presence

  • Design

    Mobile Application, Website

  • Client

    Amala Matrimony

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A one-of-a-kind digital platform exclusively for artists from all fields. Actor, Model, Dancer, Stylist. Whoever you are Artista provides you a platform to showcase yourselves and...
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    Mobile App, Web Apps

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    World of artists.

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May 5, 2023

Doctors Door

Doctors Door is a job-search app that has been created exclusively for medical staff and hospital administration. The client came to Noviindus in search of a...
  • Strategy

    Healthcare Staffing and Consultant

  • Design

    Mobile Application, Website

  • Client

    Doctors Door

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April 16, 2021

Olive Catering

The best food & beverages mobile app development is really useful for providing necessary information about variety of services to users so that they can avail...
  • Strategy

    Bring offline catering service to App based online food delivery system.

  • Design

    Mobile App, UI/UX, Web App

  • Client

    Olive Group

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